Smart board sympodium dt 770 software download

So i work at a college campus as tech support, and we have a few smart sympodium id370s all of which seem to have broken at or near the same time. For the dt770 to interpret the location of the tethered pen, the connected computer must be running smart board tools. Sympodium interactive pen display smart technologies. Smart board for education education software smart board pro for business business software smart podium accessories. Smart board, sympodium, notebook, dvit and the smart logo are trademarks of smart. Smart podium id350 and id370 and sympodium dt770 071821. Sympodium, dvit, gowire, smart board, the smart logo and smarttech ar e trademarks. Sympodium dt770 interactive pen display room control. When a sympodium dt770 interactive pen display is connected to a computer, pressing the room control interface button launches a web browser with the room control interface menu already open.

The sympodium dt770 is an interactive pen display with many features. Smart learning suite pricing download smart remote management smart teamworks smart notebook basic version. For information on using smart board software, refer to the smart board software users guide and the smart board software online help. Registrieren sie ihr smart board 600 oder 800 interactive whiteboard modelle. View online or download smart technologies sympodium dt770 installation manual. Manuals and user guides for smart technologies sympodium dt770. Its also available for the current and two previous versions of smart software a valid subscription must be in place. You can download software updates from the sympodium interactive pen. Smart sympodium interactive pen display dt770 lcd monitor 17 overview and full product specs on cnet. The sympodium dt770 interactive pen display works with your computer and smart board software to create an interactive presentation environment. The dt770 includes dynamic and interactive tools for creating presentations and lessons.

The smart podium interactive pen display lets instructors and professionals present while writing notes or illustrations with a cordless pen on the 24 touch screen. Portions of the software that ships with this product are ed by intel corporation. We have 2 smart technologies sympodium dt770 manuals available for free pdf download. Sympodium id350 and id370 pdf 49 kb sympodium dt 770 pdf 56 kb return to top frequently asked questions view some of the more frequently asked questions on the frequently asked questions page for the particular sympodium product you are using. Dont open or disassemble the sympodium dt770 interactive pen display. Previous versions of smart board software are compatible with earlier versions of the mac os x operating system.

The interactive pen display the interactive pen display has three sets of buttons and in dicators. Discontinued products and customer support program customer support is available for any smart hardware product that has a valid warranty. Quick reference sympodium dt770 interactive pen display. Quick reference sympodium dt770 interactive pen display use the sympodium dt770 interactive pen display, along with the many powerful features of smart board software, to control and write over computer applications. Remember that the sympodium dt770 interactive pen display doesnt communicate directly with the room control system. The interactive pen display the interactive pen display has three sets of. Usbgw gowire smart board software autolaunch usb cable smart order number ssdt770 sympodium dt770 interactive pen display. After myself and a coworker looked closer at one of the supposedly broken items, we found that the image was still there on the sympodium, but it was as dim as.

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