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Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Aureylian with a glorious beard, or guude wearing a dinosaur costume. First of all, none of us knows what ethos face looks like. We collectively and creatively produce hours of content every day.

This pack was created specifically for the mindcrack network, a community of lets players who play on a private whitelisted server named mindcrack. Minecraft mindcrack episode 140 ethos face youtube. Pause and i are joined by etho as we take on this custom minecraft ctm map based entirely on the mindcrack server. Blue sky, no clouds, perfect weather for a calm day.

We also take a look at the magic energy absorber got the ide of gb looks relay interesting. In over 5 years of being on youtube, etho has never. Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. Processing island bajs face on the wall building the processing island using the arcane borer to mine. Search for your favourite type of multiplayer server here, whether its towny, factions, minigames, hunger games or just pure vanilla minecraft servers. As a diverse group from all over the globe, we have a deeprooted love of content creation and passion for our fans. Etho is a very dedicated member of the server as seen by his many good deeds such as the construction of the season 4 nether hub or the new worlds nether. Prior to his youtube career, he was a usedcar photographer. Today we hot up the machines we use the most to save some time. Mindcrack is a group of twentyfour internet gamers. This is a server dedicated to minecraft lets players and their fans.

It was made available for public on december 23, 2012. Step 3 finally, click install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select mindcrack from the list on the left. Why do you want to join the serveri need a friendly community. Do you guys think etho would consider playing on the the mindcrack vanilla server again. Friendships are ruined, and all because of that one incident. Mindcracked mindcracked chapter 1, a minecraft fanfic. Adlington showed his face on stream earlier this year, making it so every mindcrack member has now.

Identifying the new safe biome using a variety of ftb tools to build a castle. Ethos first video was posted on november 12, 20101 and was about his idea for a boat dispenser. He refuses to show it and my solution is he has never had a face, only a voice. Im sick of these bukkit servers that people take advantage of and grief everything. I was watching some of the new hermitcraft videos and i thought it would be interesting to open up a server based. Ethos builds include a slime farm that sorts them by size, blaze xp farm, and many other things.

One of his mostviewed videos is titled minecraft death swap. Etho is a very dedicated member of the server as seen by his many good deeds such as the construction of the season 4 nether hub or the new worlds nether tunnel. Team canada a group formed by etho, pauseunpause, and vintagebeef, two other youtubers he met on the mindcrack server. I have seen a lot of people asking why etho left mindcrack so decided to put him explaining why up on youtube. Paul, etho, and bdouble0 because they all like to have fun and and do projects and i also think they represent me. Etho reappeared on the season 6 mindcrack server on 21. See more ideas about minecraft, youtubers and minecraft quilt.

Etho isnt active member of mindcrack, because it feels for him singleplayer, because of lownumber of active players. This is the official mindcrack superfight deck, part of the popular game created by darin ross. Find and discuss new mindcrack videos, fan art, news and lots of. Guude boulderfist, minecraft lets play sensation, made a minecraft survival multiplayer server in 2010 called mindcrack. He also thinks the people on that mindcrack server are the nicest. The inviteonly server has spawned many lets plays from most of its residents, spawning prank wars and competitions, such as. Man a few days only working 46 hours a day was nice. Etho joins the mindcrack server during anderzels livestream reddit. Find out what other deviants think about anything at all. Etho joined mindcrack in 2011 and left in early 2015. Its also kind of ridicules how he is that popular, and still did not show his face yet. This was posted on the main subreddit but i thought id post it here as well because i feel there s a lot less people here who overreact make assumptions about stuff.

Etho has made many amazing redstone creations on the server, as well as some beautiful builds. Before he started uploading videos under the name vintagebeef, he had. Today we work on finishing up our enchanting area and then head to shadeee s to fix up the terrain. The mindcrack pack is a feed the beast and curseforge modpack created by the ftb team. As i watch etho play the modpack, i can already tell hes going to exploit alot of quirks and imbalances when you have a pretty large modpack, especially when many of them have redundant functions and bring them to light on his videos. Its a shame ofter i join this i will have no social life.

I meet with etho to help him to get some villagers up in his tree. His lp has gone over 300 episodes without showing his face. This was the first showcase of his redstone abilities within the game. This is a server dedicated to minecraft let s players and their fans. Doesnt work anymore since pig dudes got aggro toward iron gollums and as such the technical stuff has been dismantled. Mindcrack is a private minecraft server run by guude boulderfist oct 1, 2014. As for his skin, i wanted to stay far away from the original character that any skin was based on. Lets play commentator for the hit video game minecraft and a member of the mindcrack server since november of 2011. Etho the unofficial fanrun mindcrack and hermitcraft wiki.

He posts videos to his ethoslab channel, and also works as a computer programmer. As of july 21, 20, the mindcrack pack was locked and there are currently no plans to continue updating the modpack. What i can bring to the mindcrack fan server is that i like to have fun and do community projects. Minecraft mindcrack season 4 episode 1 new world watch minecraft. Etho minecraft done technical how to play minecraft, youtubers, guy. He summoned forth the greatest minds of minecraft lets play, such as ethos lab, docm77, bdouble0100, kurtjmac, zisteau, mcgamer and many more. Mindcrack is guudes server the tweet says just helped etho setup his first server. Type in the modpack name mindcrack or paste the following url into the search box. Etho, better known online as ethoslab, is a canadian lets play commentator with his main focus on minecraft. As we dont know ethos irl face, i limited to the two, with what information he has given us through his videos. But if someone griefs the server and i know who it is i will tell the truth. So thats why with the mindcrack logo instead of an creeper face like. Etho joined the mindcrack server in november 2011, at the same time as docm77, after befriending guude through the second race for wool.

But it do not work out like planed but we get it done bye the end. On the mindcrack server, he also dwells underground, although that base is less developed. Mindcrack is an organization of youtubers who made videos on the mindcrack server. A thrilling story, full of twists and turns that you will not expect. Do you see him on the server or on any sort of official list. Minecraft ruins of the mindcrackers ep01 a new face.

Etho is out of food and decides to visit nebris for some aid. Etho is a canadian lets play commentator, a member of hermitcraft and a former member of mindcrack. Mindcrack s01 e114 snowfall with generic bdubs etho mcgruber and mr cheep. He left because he didnt want to be part of the minecrack brand, which was becoming more money orientated etho mentioned in a video that he prefers doing minecraft for the fun. Ethos reasons for leaving mindcrack he talked about this during his stream. This is in reference to ethos ftb episode 6 where he says that he has been raiding the local ranch for his food supplies. Etho, or ethoslab, is a canadian youtuber known for his minecraft videos and a player on the mindcrack server. Baj, bdoubleo, vintagebeef, guude and etho laptop wallpaper, hilarious, funny. I have been playing on 2 other mindcrackhermitcraft like servers, and 1 got griefed, and is now creative and the other shut dow after 3 days. Etho almost never swears in any of his videos, and usually censors the audio when others swear.

See more ideas about minecraft, how to play minecraft and minecraft underground. He currently lives in barrie, ontario, canada with his dog bubba and his new puppy, daisy. The mindcrack deck adds 24 characters and 76 attributes created by your favorite mindcrack content creators for all their fans. Track to biomass explaining and improving his biomass setup setting up his nether track and rail incidents. Vampires of mindcrack chapter 1, a minecraft fanfic.

Many popular lpers play on this server such as, guude, bdoubleo, docm, pauseunpause. Fluffy nebtho oneshot set in the early days of the season 3 mindcrack ftb server. It is designed specifically for the players of the mindcrack server, although is used publicly for fans to play along important note. In ruins of the mindcrackers with beef and pause, he blows up beef s face. Read story 1 the thread of our love nebtho from the story mindcrack love stories boyxboy by emilyinfected emily with 4 reads. Youn should put your dinosaur sculpture from the mindcrack server as the center peice on the peer. Big shoutout to sunset who is an amazing beta reader and gave me many useful tips for writing. Doc looked at him with a concerned look on his face. Whenever i see ethos village, the one from avatar the last airbender comes to mind xd i actually liked that village after the water became clean, though. Ie i dont just draw kakashi, i draw something that is more.

Join my adventures with guude, bdoubleo, pauseunpause, vintagebeef, docm, etho, and more. Talking about the map reset experimenting with bees learning railcraft and making trains of tnt carts. There were no sounds to be heard but the whisper of the wind and a string of foul words coming from zisteaus lens. Ethoslab or etho is a canadian youtuber and video game commentator best known for his minecraft lets play series etho plays minecraft.

Etho joins the mindcrack server during anderzels livestream. Mindcrack live stream abba caving with etho face butt. Find and discuss new mindcrack videos, fan art, news and lots of hype. A fanmade community for the mindcrack lets play brand and community. I also like building,farming,mining, and adventuring. Etho joined mindcrack in december of 2011 and made his first video on the server on december 7th, 2011. Mindcrack recap intro art 1 by gomeric85 on deviantart.

Dear etho, some of your followers and i are desperately missing mindcrack. Mindcrack ftb s02 e110 damn etho big bang and magic energy. The mindcrack pack is one of the modpacks developed by the ftb team. August 26, 1981 age 38, better known online as vintagebeef, is a canadian youtuber of portuguese descent, best known for his work on the mindcrack server. He is formerly a wellknown member of the mindcrack server community, and as of march 2015. Etho is a canadian lets play commentator, a current member of hermitcraft. Mindcrack s01 e92 abba rules with etho live stream. Beef was cut off by his own yell of pain as etho bit into his neck with his viciously sharp fangs, injecting venom into his bloodstream.

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